WWoD was founded in February 2004, many sites were made as darts got bigger and the demand on news and memorabilia was huge!

Since 1985 I have been an advocate and friend of Unicorn Darts, I will support the brand until I can no longer. Please contact me for more information about Unicorn products.

By 2010 I had settled on a format that I was happy with and enjoyed emails and visits from the darts fraternity around the world. Support was and is still needed everywhere in darts. Do not be fooled!
In 2014 I awoke to look at my site stripped bar and just a matrix type home page saying “Sit hacked by Isis America” ………. It took me 2 hours on the phone to my host and try to get a backup, I did and no longer than 10 minutes later the site was hacked again. I won’t point fingers, but I feel someone had it in for me as the site was a very popular “go to” site.

That said I don’t dwell on the past and hope others don’t either, it will be a work in progress. I can hardly walk now and haven’t thrown a dart since 2018, not sure if I can stand long enough to try now so I’ll throw myself into the site and hopefully one day it can be back to what it was.


Warren (Wazza)