Well, another DSA Junior weekend done and dusted. And what a weekend. Before I get to the winners etc, please allow me to thank a few peeps.

To all the raffle donors – Leeanne & Luca Piazza, Brett Selga, Andrew Martin, Swiftflyte, Kym & Trent Mitchell, Mark Gottwald & Helen Litten, Dave & Di Gibbard, Dartskins, Peter & Deb Machin and J & S Quality Meats (Heather Rankin) and all the people who purchased Junior Supporter shirts —A HUGE THANK YOU.

To NDDA (Colin, Linda and Tanya) for their tireless help towards the kids.

To the kitchen girls (Helen and Rose) THANK YOU.

Finally, to the People who came to help support the weekend. THANK YOU.

Now to the results.

Junior Most Pegs – Daniel Willment 26, Most Tons – Daniel Willment 38, and High Peg wait for it………..Daniel Willment 106. Daniel had a ripper weekend.

Seniors Most Pegs – Peter Machin 29, Most Tons – Jedi Nethercot, 62, High Peg – Chris Jarvis 158.

Winners for the weekend were The Spice Girls – Lyn Morrison, Bek Heidke, Kylie Langmair, Kym Mitchell and of course the biggest Spice girl of them all Aaron Morrison. (Sorry Aaron, couldn’t resist) Congrats to you all.

Runners Up (Sorry no Pic) were The Raptors – Dallas Willment, Daniel Willment, Luke Gale and Mick Jackson. Well done to all the teams and for the fun and laughter.

I would like to thank Trent Mitchell for his massive gesture. Thanks Mate.

Massive total for weekend was $1555.00 to help with expenses for the kids.


Cheers Deb Martin.

SOURCE= D SA Facebook

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