PCF Match Report

Anderson vs Van den Bergh

Tartan Titan toppled in Minehead

After defeating Beaton despite just wanting to climb into bed, Gary was back on the Saturday morning against Dimitri Van den Bergh, who himself edged through in a tight encounter on the Friday.

Van den Bergh had the darts, but couldn’t open with anything more than 60. Gary opened with 55, looking to the 18 and 17 segment for scoring sustenance, but to no avail. Van den Bergh hit a 140, before Gary could only find 25, being overly friendly with the 5 bed in the visit. Van den Bergh then proceeded to hit his first 180, and Gary responded in kind, giving us a close up of his custom points, which he was back to using. However, he still wasn’t on a finish due to the scoring preceeding it. Van den Bergh missed D8 for a 121 checkout, before Gary hit a ton to put on outside pressure, leaving 141. Van den Bergh hit D8 first in hand to open with a hold. 0-1.

Gary opened his first leg on throw with 57, to which Van den Bergh responded with an 83. Gary hit a ton, before backing it up with the same, courtest of a beautiful last dart in the corner of the bed after moving. Van den Bergh hit a 140, and Gary, who was sitting on 167, threatened something special after finding the T20, but he ended up taking 99 off of his total. Van den Bergh left D8 from 155, putting the pressure on Gary – but Scotland’s smoothest operator took out the 68 with last dart in hand, finding Tops to level. 1-1.

Van den Bergh opened the Third with a ton, before Gary fired back with a 140, and backed it up in the next visit with a ton. Van den Bergh hit back with a 140 of his own, before a well constructed Gary 131. A last dart T4 meant less pressure than hoped was applied, but it seemed like he might get a shot after an S1 start from Van den Bergh, but the T19-D11 combination was enough to hold. 1-2.

Gary couldn’t have wished for a rustier opening to the Fourth, opening with

21, hitting S1 either side of a S19. He recovered with back to back tons, before a 140 which halved his score. Van den Bergh was keeping tabs from a distance, and could only watch Gary find a T20 second in hand to leave Tops. It was that target that Van den Bergh needed from 108, but he came under, and Gary returned to nail it and level. 2-2.

Van den Bergh opened with a 180, before Gary replied with a straight Ton. Van den Bergh could only back up the maximum with 42, whilst Gary supplied another ton. Both went trebleless before finding two treble visits – which could so easily have been three, had Gary’s last dart not kissed the Oche instead of the board. Van den Bergh ended up requiring Tops with two in hand, but sent both well over the Top of the Shop. Gary had 61 left, and the Bull-S3-D4 combination was enough to continue his delightful doubling escapades and break for the lead. 3-2.

Gary opened the Sixth with 80, before a Van den Bergh 180. However, just as in the previous leg, he produced little to back it ip, scoring just 28. Gary had 124 left, and came inside D11 for what wouldn’t have just been a tremendous outshot – but the Double that would have put him two in front. Van den Bergh went trebleless from 116, allowing Gary another chance – but two wide of D4 gave Van den Bergh the chance to break back from 56. He did, using the marker at D18 to hit it last in hand to level. 3-3.

Both opened the Seventh with 140s, and Gary backed it up with another, using the trebleless first dart as a marker. Gary hit 77 and a Ton in the next two visits to leave himself 44, with Van den Bergh waiting on 90. Van den Bergh couldn’t take it, and Gary dispatched the 44 in two, killing D16 to break and lead again. 4-3.

Gary opened the Eighth with 83, and Van den Bergh 96. They seemed to be timing their trebleless visits to each others, as both produced one in visit two, before Gary recovered with a 96 and a 137. A Van den Bergh 171 on the T19s left him D6, with Gary sitting on 86. He found the T18, but went out and in on D16. Van den Bergh returned and hit D6 to level and make it a race to two. 4-4.

Van den Bergh opened up with 86, before a Gary 57 via the 19 and 18 segment. He followed that up with a beautifully grouped 140, before another Van den Bergh 180. He left Tops, and any chances of real Gary pressure were obliterated by a second dart bounce out. Van den Bergh used the marker to hit D20 and move within one. 4-5.

Gary opened with a 123, before a Van den Bergh reply of a ton. Gary produced a couple of one treble visits, and was sat on 185, and managed to knock 55 off of that. Van den Bergh wasn’t within finishing distance, giving Gary a bit more time. He went for the Bull off it, hitting the 17 segment. He cleaned up upon returning, hitting D8 to force another last leg shoot out. 5-5.

Van den Bergh opened with 100, before Gary fired back with a 140. He followed up with a 97, before firing in a 58, to which he looked disgusted. Gary left himself 110, with a Van den Bergh 89 via the Bull leaving himself 65. Gary could only take 54 off of the 110, and Van den Bergh checked out 65 in two on D4 to seal the win. 5-6.

Result: Gary Anderson 5-6 Dimitri Van den Bergh

The Stats:

Average – 88.25

180s – 1

Checkout Success – 5/12 (41%)

Highest Checkout – 68

The Verdict:

I still find it remarkable that Gary can be far from his best, and yet still make this game look so easy. It didn’t feel like an 88 average kind of match, as it felt like he scored well, and was more than proficient on the outer ring.

But, as I said in the report against Beaton, he was under the weather over the entire weekend, yet managed to warm up the town of Minehead with some of the darts he threw.

He’ll be up in merry old Scotland for some exhibitions before all attention turns to the King returning to the Palace.

He was using his Phase 6s with Two Tone shafts and World Champion Flights.

SOURCE-Ryan Segal.

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